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CO2 recycling article


The corn ethanol folks concerning Liquid Light, who have been cited in Coaltl a number of times, they are the Princeton spinoff commercializing the Bocarsly and Cole CO2 to ethanol & etc tech's developed at Princeton U.  Liquid Light's CO2 to plastics, etc., tech is being presented as a way to maximize the value of biofuel factories, by, as Audi is doing in Europe, capturing the CO2 byproduct of fermentation and then converting it into hydrocarbon products of value. One would presume you could do the same thing, with an admittedly higher degree of difficulty, with the CO2 byproduct of combustion. Again, this is being presented as a way to maximize the value of commercial processes that coproduce CO2. Seems strange that such seeming opportunity for jobs and industries has so little apparent interest.

CO2-to-Methane Background Info

We're only sending it along since it provides, via bibliography, documentation that confirms public statements made not long ago by Nobel winner George Olah that the industrial synthesis of Methanol from Carbon Dioxide had been practiced in Europe all the way back in the 1920's - concurrent with the development in Germany of Coal-to-oil industries.

USDOE Says CO2 Recycling is Path to US Energy Independence


A team of genuine United States patriots employed by the United States Department of Energy has spoken out about the genuine potentials for harvesting Carbon Dioxide, from whatever convenient source, and then using and consuming that Carbon Dioxide as the key and basic raw material in the industrial synthesis of any and all sorts of hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals, into anything, in effect, we now sell our children's futures out to continue buying from the OPEC cartel.

USDOE CO2 Recycling on Americans for Energy Independence

If any of you saw my post on AEI concerning the USDOE's:

"Summary Report: Direct Approaches for Recycling Carbon Dioxide into Synthetic Fuel";

attached is a copy of the file. The link is in the AEI post.

2006 Global Coal-to-Liquid Workshop

An international "workshop" on Coal-to-liquids was sponsored back in November of 2006, apparently in Paris, by the International Energy Agency's Coal Industry Advisory Board.
The attached/linked presentation, "Coal-to-Liquids - An Alternative Oil Supply?", is the result of their deliberations.