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Japan 2015 CO2 to Methanol

United States Patent Application: 0150096897

The door is open to us, if we ever find the courage within ourselves to look through it, to openly talk and communicate about what we see; and, then, to actually have the moral currents of enterprise and patriotism running though us strong enough to motivate us to actually do something with the knowledge gained.

We have the opportunity to do some great things for our nation, and, in particular, for United States Coal Country. We could start putting the economic boot to OPEC, and bring our sons and daughters in uniform home from that dangerous and unpleasant part of the world where so much oil is produced and shipped, all while we assuaged some of the worries of the environmentally-concerned among our fellow citizens - - some of them no doubt the parents of young patriots serving in the Persian Gulf area - - and, created new industries and a wealth of new jobs in United States Coal Country.

China 2015 Coal and Biomass to Substitute Natural Gas Methane

United States Patent: 9000056

We've many times reported on China's focused and large-scale development of industries that utilize Coal as the basic raw material in processes that synthesize any and all types of hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals.

Phillips 66 Converts 100% of CO2 to Methane

United States Patent: 8754137

Europe is now establishing a continent-wide industry that will supply the European Union's needs for natural gas by synthesizing substitute natural gas Methane from Carbon Dioxide, as can be harvested as a valuable byproduct from the exhaust gases of Coal-based generators of reliable and affordable electric power.

That fact is made clear via the web site of Project Helmeth:

http://www.helmeth.eu/; "Integrated High-Temperature ELectrolysis and METHanation for Effective Power to Gas Conversion".

Honda and Connecticut 2015 CO2 to Jet Fuel

United States Patent: 8987160

Carbon Dioxide, as we might conveniently and profitably harvest from the exhaust gases co-produced by our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of truly abundant and genuinely affordable electric power, is a valuable raw material resource.

We can harvest Carbon Dioxide from whatever source most convenient to us, and then use and consume that Carbon Dioxide as the key raw material in processes that synthesize, as end products, hydrocarbon chemicals and fuels.

Coal Enables Disposal of Wastes via Cement Co-Production

United States Patent: 8961684

Coal Ash - the solid residua produced by our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of abundant and affordable electric power - can be seen and treated as a valuable mineral resource.

It can, for one example, be used and consumed through various means and methods as a raw material, in place of the virgin mineral raw materials conventionally used, in the making of Portland-type cement and Portland-type cement concrete. And, as seen for a few examples in our reports of: