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Kansas Makes Gasoline from CO2 for US Government

United States Patent Application: 0150141238

If we were able to efficiently harvest the Carbon Dioxide byproduct co-generated by our use of Coal in the production of affordable and reliable electric power, or, from the atmosphere, as West Virginia University and the United States Department of Energy in our report of: 

4th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

As per my post/comment on AEI: Europe CO2 for Fuels and Polymers, etc.
The link is to the home page, the attached file is the program/agenda - some interesting stuff.
Bayer - one of their new operating companies - will be presenting on their coal power plant CO2-to-polymers, one of Audi's partners will be presenting CO2-to-methane, CRI is presenting CO2-to-methanol, and, more.

WVU's study of China's Coal conversion for USDOE

WVU studied China's Coal gasification/conversion industry - - it's history, status and future - - for the USDOE, and "Coal Gasification In China", as per the attached file, is their final report.
The scope of this technology, and it's implementation, in China is, given the total lack of attention paid to it by Coal Country elected leaders and organs of communication in the USA, profoundly disturbing.

NASA Coal and Biomass to Hydrocarbons with Net CO2 Consumption

United States Patent: 7393876

As we documented in our report of:

USDOE 2013 CO2-Free Coal to Liquid Hydrocarbons | Research & Development | News; concerning: "United States Patent 8,366,902 - Methods and Systems for Producing Syngas; 2013; Abstract: Methods and systems are provided for producing syngas utilizing heat from thermochemical conversion of a carbonaceous fuel to support decomposition of at least one of water and carbon dioxide using one or more solid-oxide electrolysis cells. Government Interests: This invention was made with government support under Contract Number DE-AC07-05ID14517 awarded by the United States Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.";

New Jersey and Virginia Convert CO2 into Ethanol for US Gov

United States Patent: 9090976

Carbon Dioxide, contrary to all we've been led to believe, can be seen and treated as a valuable raw material resource, a raw material which can be used and consumed, instead of imported OPEC petroleum-based raw materials, in the industrial synthesis of various hydrocarbon fuels and certain high-volume plastics and polymers.

Wouldn't it be an immense blessing in terms of the United States Coal Country economy, that is, in terms of jobs and industries, if that fact were at last openly and publicly acknowledged, and, acted upon?