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Chicago 2015 Coal-to-Hydrocarbon "Road Map"

United States Patent Application: 0150141699

Right off the bat: The document we bring to you herein is immensely complex. The terminology used will be unfamiliar to most of the readers we address - - but, that terminology will be very familiar to anyone schooled or experienced in the processing, the refining, of natural petroleum in the making of conventional hydrocarbon fuels, and of the range of products we might term "petro-chemicals".

And, we won't be producing nearly all of the details in our excerpts.

Kansas State University Converts CO2 into Gasoline

Does anyone care that we, the citizens of the United States of America, could set ourselves free from our current economic and political enslavement to the alien, and in some cases hostile, nations of OPEC?

Does anyone care that we, the citizens of United States Coal Country, could free our economically essential Coal-fired power generation industries from the attacks being mounted against them by those, rightly or wrongly, genuinely or duplicitously, concerned about the emissions of Carbon Dioxide from those Coal-based producers of reliable, affordable and abundant electric power?

US Air Force 1965 CO2 to Methane


We have made previous report of the fact, that, one half of one century ago, the United States Air Force and it's contractors developed the technology whereby Carbon Dioxide, via various processes, could be directly converted into substitute natural gas Methane.

Records of that CO2-to-Methane technical development work, conducted in the early 1960's, weren't "declassified" until the 1970's.


USDOE Pays for Illinois 2015 CO2 to Methane and Alcohol

United States Patent: 9012345

Carbon Dioxide, as is co-produced in only a small way - relative to some all-natural and un-taxable sources of it's emission, such as the Earth's inexorable processes of planetary volcanism - by our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of abundant, reliable and affordable electric power, can be seen and treated as a valuable raw material resource.

Denmark 2015 CO2 + H2O = Hydrocarbons

United States Patent Application: 0150118592

We've already made many reports on other versions of the core technology recorded herein, disclosed in a document published by the United States Government just yesterday, for the electrochemical conversion of Carbon Dioxide, as reclaimed from whatever handy source, and Water, H2O, into both simple hydrocarbon fuels and/or a synthesis gas blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, which "syngas" can be catalytically, chemically condensed, as via for one example the nearly-ancient Fischer-Tropsch process, into various hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals.