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USDOE Proves Coal to Methanol + Electricity Profitable

https://www.netl.doe.gov/File Library/Research/Coal/major demonstrations/cctdp/Round3/LPMEOH/LPMEOH_PPA.pdf

The co-production of liquid fuels, chemicals and electric power from our abundant United States Coal in a single, integrated facility can be, according to our United States Department of Energy, profitable.

And, such potentials for what is in some places referred to as "polygeneration" might come to be seen as much, much more economically important, even critical, as the realization that we don't have nearly as much shale natural gas economically accessible or recoverable as it's non-analytical and uncritical proponents would have had us believe dawns across our nation.

ExxonMobile Reduced Cost Methanol to Gasoline & Diesel

United States Patent: 9090525

Major achievements by our United States Government in the profitable conversion of our abundant United States Coal into fuel alcohol Methanol and related products have been made, but have not, from our perspective, been fully and openly reported to the United States public.

Catalytic Platrfrm for CO2 Reduction

The USPTO link to "United States Patent Application 20150203974 - Catalytic Platform for CO2 Reduction" we included in our 9/2 dispatch "CalTech Converts CO2 into Methane for USDOE" no longer functions correctly in our records of the transmission. As we've noted previously, USPTO links to early publications of patent applications are often not durable.

US Methanol & Chemicals from Coal Commercially Successful

www.netl.doe.gov/File Library/research/coal/energy systems/gasification/Eastman-Chemicals-from-Coal-Complex.pdf

As has been documented in the West Virginia Coal Association's reports of Research and Development a number of times, as for one example in:

Coal to Methanol - Eastman & Air Products | Research & Development | News; concerning a report published two decades ago, back in 1995:

CalTech Converts CO2 into Methane for USDOE

United States Patent Application: 0150203974

Herein we learn that yet more technology has been developed for converting Carbon Dioxide - - as we might conveniently harvest as a valuable co-product arising from our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of abundant and affordable electric power - - into substitute natural gas Methane.

The implications of that for creating new Coal Country industries and new Coal Country jobs, while silencing the greenhouse gas critics of Coal-based electricity, should, we would think, be obvious, if anyone actually cares.