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Kern objects to coal plant's chemical manufacturing plans - The Bak

Kern objects to coal plant's chemical manufacturing plans - The Bakersfield Californian

Tossing a load of baloney sandwiches in the way of this planned coal-to-urea plant. Tempted to wonder why something like this wouldn't be built in the coal fields. Seems like it would be more economical to transport the produced - and higher unit value - urea/fertilizer to ag markets, like California, than to ship the coal there.


Note the primary objection: It's because some of the coal-based chemicals would be used "in transportation" - - but, as an exhaust gas scrubber chemical, not as a fuel.

Guess gasoline/diesel made out of coal would be entirely out of the question.

Should be back tomorrow with more CoalTL info on gasoline made out of Carbon Dioxide. Maybe the sensitive souls out in the Bakersfield area would find that more palatable.

Note, though, in the article, this proposed coal-to-chemicals plant's potential, as documented to be feasible in a few of our CoalTL reports, to co-produce electrical power to feed the grid at times of peak demand, along with the "urea".