USDOE 3 Volts Converts CO2 into Fuels and Feedstocks

United States Patent Application: 0140305805

Hey, wouldn't it be great if we could - - instead of harassing our economically essential Coal-fired generators of affordable and reliable electric power, or taxing their already over-taxed customers, because of essentially harmless Carbon Dioxide emissions - - harvest Carbon Dioxide, and then use and consume that CO2 in the efficient industrial synthesis of anything, basically, we now drive our entire nation into hock to keep buying from OPEC, or put our groundwater at risk to drill and frack for?

King Fahd Converts CO2 into Alcohol and Carbon Monoxide

United States Patent: 9099752

Carbon Dioxide, the purported greenhouse gas that the suspect enemies of our use of Coal in the generation of abundant and affordable electric power use as one of their primary weapons in their "War On Coal", can be seen and treated as a valuable, maybe even a precious, raw material resource.

And, if we, in the United States of America, especially those of us United States citizens resident in United States Coal Country, aren't smart enough to realize that fact and/or industrious enough to do something constructive about it, our international competitors, some of whom have gotten used to living large on our collective complacency, do realize it and are doing some things about it. 

King's Fahd and Abdulaziz Convert CO2 into Alcohol and Methane

United States Patent: 9109293

We first remind you of an earlier report:

Saudi Arabia Converts Exhaust Gas CO2 into Hydrocarbons | Research & Development | News; which centered on:

"United States Patent 8,596,047 - Vehicle Electrocatalyzer for Recycling Carbon Dioxide to Fuel Hydrocarbons; 2013; Inventors: R. A. K. Shawabkeh, et. al., Saudi Arabia; Assignees: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology";

England Is Converting Atmospheric CO2 into Fuel Alcohol

United States Patent Application: 0140323600

Although we've made previous mention of the British company "Air Fuel Synthesis", and their pilot operations for harvesting Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and then converting that harvested CO2 into fuel alcohol Methanol, it seems timely now to provide some more complete information concerning them.

By way of introduction and explanation, a decent article about Air Fuel Synthesis, and their initial prototype, small proof-of-concept facility, was published by the United Kingdom's Daily Telegraph back on October 18, of 2012:

AEI and repealing EISA Section 526

As per the post and comment below on AEI, maybe Senator Manchin, et. al., saw our post of four and a half years ago:
Repeal 526 Anti-Coal Liquefaction Bill | Research & Development | News; "That 526 could have slipped apparently unnoticed into the books, in the first place, should be source of some embarrassment, we would think, to the Coal Country press and Coal Country legislators. Letting it sit in there, smothering our potentials for Coal Country economic growth and US energy security, without trying to at least raise a hue and cry about it, should be a source of shame";
and finally decided to do something about it. But, as we've continued to consider the issue, it seems apparent, even in spite of WVU's study, as mentioned on AEI, that a large-scale industrialization of Coal-to-liquid could put our Coal-fired power industry, and their customers, in a price bind. The value of Coal would certainly go up.
Maybe the smart wave of the future is Carbon Dioxide recycling into hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals,  a concept being reduced to industrial practice elsewhere in the world and one which could actually enhance the value and profitability of Coal-fired power generators.  
Hopefully of interest:

The news article linked below is from April 29 of this year. Why hasn't anything been published or broadcast about it in our public media? They have been quite successfully converting Coal on a large scale industrial and commercial basis into synthetic diesel and gasoline, and other hydrocarbon products, in the nation of South Africa for more than half a century. China is now building out a massive industry to do the same things with Coal. But, Section 526 of the 2007 EnergyIndependence and Security Act prohibits the US Government, including our military, from buying liquid hydrocarbon fuels made from Coal.

But, this spring, as excerpted from the linked article:

"A group of U.S. senators, including John Barrasso (R-WY), Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), last week reintroduced the North American Alternative Fuels Act, which would repeal Section 526 of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). Passed in 2007, the EISA prohibits the federal government or U.S. military from purchasing fuel produced from coal",

Why hasn't anyone thought it worth educating the US Coal Country public about this patriotic and politically bi-partisan effort? Can you imagine the jobs and industries we could create in Coal Country if genuine patriots - Republicans and Democrats - all across the USA, much less just those in West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and etc., were as informed as they should be?

Why aren't we, and all of our channels of public communication and all our Coal Country elected representatives, organizing to support Senators Manchin, Heitkamp and Barrasso in these efforts?