Israeli Sunshine Converts CO2 into Hydrocarbon Syngas

United States Patent: 8999134

We regret if we sound weary. But, by now we have documented so many times that Carbon Dioxide, as harvested from whatever convenient source, can - - in processes which themselves can be powered by freely available but otherwise lower-grade, so-called "renewable", environmental energy, such as sunlight, and, which processes have been developed even by scientists employed by the United States Government - - be consumed in the synthesis of anything and everything, any hydrocarbon fuel or chemical, we now sell our nation out to continue buying from OPEC, that it beggars our belief that such facts aren't being publicly and openly acknowledged as a matter of course by our press and by our elected government representatives; and, that public plans to implement such CO2 utilization on a broad-scale industrial basis aren't moving forward at a brisk pace, while all the talk of Carbon Dioxide geologic sequestration nonsense and the carbon tax extortion of our economically essential Coal-fired generators of electric power and their customers is deep-sixed.

Utah Improves Fischer-Tropsch Hydrocarbon Synthesis

United States Patent: 9011788

We've many times documented that Coal can, even in combination with renewable and carbon-recycling organic wastes, like sewage treatment plant sludge and products of agriculture, as for just one example seen in our report of:

Standard Oil Co-Gasifies Coal & Carbon-Recycling Biomass | Research & Development | News; concerning: "United States Patent 2,633,416 - Gasification of Carbonaceous Solids; 1953; Inventor: Edward Gornowski and Karl Nelson, NJ; Assignee: Standard Oil Development Company; Abstract: The present invention relates to the production of gases from non-gaseous carbonaceous materials and, more particularly, to the production of gas mixtures containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen ... from such solid carbonaceous materials as ... various coals (and) cellulosic materials";

France 1982 Solar CO2 to Syngas

Carbon Dioxide, as it is co-produced in only a small way, relative to some all-natural, un-taxable and apolitical sources of it's emission, such as the Earth's inexorable processes of planetary volcanism, by our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of reliable and affordable electric power, can be seen and treated as a valuable raw material resource.

As we've documented many times in recent years, more lately for just one example in our report of:

CO2 to Gasoline: The USDOE Reimagines Liquid Fuels

As we've documented many, many times now, Carbon Dioxide, as harvested from whatever convenient source, can be chemically recycled.

Carbon Dioxide can be used and consumed as the key and basic carbon-containing raw material in processes - - some of which can be powered by one form and another of freely-available, although low-grade and otherwise non-commercial, so-called "renewable" energy - - that result in the synthesis of hydrocarbon chemicals and fuels.

Kern objects to coal plant's chemical manufacturing plans - The Bak

Kern objects to coal plant's chemical manufacturing plans - The Bakersfield Californian

Tossing a load of baloney sandwiches in the way of this planned coal-to-urea plant. Tempted to wonder why something like this wouldn't be built in the coal fields. Seems like it would be more economical to transport the produced - and higher unit value - urea/fertilizer to ag markets, like California, than to ship the coal there.