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WVU's study of China's Coal conversion for USDOE

WVU studied China's Coal gasification/conversion industry - - it's history, status and future - - for the USDOE, and "Coal Gasification In China", as per the attached file, is their final report.
The scope of this technology, and it's implementation, in China is, given the total lack of attention paid to it by Coal Country elected leaders and organs of communication in the USA, profoundly disturbing.
It reminds us of what we've read about what Germany was able to accomplish, and to get away with, between WW's I and II - accomplishing stuff both astonishing and horrific on titanic scales, while the rest of the world, despite freely available reports and accounts, hum-de-hummed until reality started falling on their own heads.
It also reminds us of the fact that OPEC is now commissioning the first of their factories that will convert CO2 into synthetic petroleum, etc. And, apparently, nobody cares.
Don't, really, know what else to say. Hopefully of interest, if not utility.