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August 12, 2014, 100% Coal-based Jet Fuel

United States Patent: 8801919

We have, of course, presented many reports here concerning South Africa's Coal conversion industry, wherein South Africa Synthetic Oil Limited, "SASOL", has been converting Coal at multiple factories into synthetic petroleum fuels for well more than half a century.

Sasol utilizes a modern version of the nearly-ancient Fischer-Tropsch process for converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbons, a technique known generically as "indirect" Coal conversion, since Coal is first partially combusted to form a "synthesis gas", or "syngas" blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen. The syngas is then catalytically, chemically condensed into hydrocarbons.

US Gov Hires Delaware to Convert CO2 into Carbon Monoxide

United States Patent Application: 0140262792

An article currently appearing as a headline post in many of the Coal-friendly social media web sites, as published originally by the Detroit News, is: 

The war on coal heats up;"The War On Coal Heats Up".

US Navy Captures CO2 and Hydrogen for Hydrocarbon Synthesis

United States Patent Application: 0140238869

The Carbon Dioxide "game" is over. And so is OPEC's reign of economic tyranny.

If our Coal Country news media could ever screw up the guts to tell us, or put away their own delusional fascination with the ephemeral shale gas tulip mania to focus on developments related to the bedrock of American energy, Coal, we would no longer have to put up with the threats of CO2 Cap and Trade tax extortions on our economically essential Coal-fired electric power generation industries, or other duplicitous and vile greenhouse gas CO2 nonsense and threats - - and, we all could, as a nation, tell OPEC exactly where they could start pumping their over-priced oil. 

Utah 9-11-2014 CO2 into "Valuable Chemicals"

United States Patent Application: 0140251822

We've presented many reports concerning the development of the Carbon Dioxide recycling and utilization technology known generically as "syntrolysis", wherein CO2 and Water, H2O, are co-electrolyzed, and made thereby to produce, as most often specified, a blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen; that is, synthesis gas, and, which "syngas" can then be catalytically, chemically condensed, as via for one example the long-known Fischer-Tropsch process, into hydrocarbons - which hydrocarbons are most often specified to be liquids, such as Gasoline, Diesel, Alcohols, and what can be thought of as synthetic Petroleum.

The USDOE, via especially their Idaho National Laboratory, in partnership with the Utah company, Ceramatec, Inc., have been very active in recent years in the development of such CO2-utilization syntrolysis technology, as explained perhaps most succinctly in Ceramatec's US Patent for the "electrochemical cell" needed to conduct syntrolysis reactions, as seen in our report of:  

Carbon Dioxide a Foundation for Wealth

United States Patent Application: 0140239231

An advance note: The Carbon Dioxide utilization technology we report to you herein is comprehensive and, perhaps, overly-complex in it's presentation. That's not meant as a criticism, really; but, the scope of it all limits even further our already-limited ability to provide a concise and coherent exposition of it.

To be clear: Contained within the dissertation are summaries of the ways and means by which Carbon Dioxide, as we might recover from the stack gasses of our economically essential Coal-fired electric power generation plants, can be substituted as a raw material for everything, quite literally everything, all fuels and chemicals, we now allow our nation to be bled dry to continue making from imported OPEC petroleum.