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Pittsburgh 1993 Conference Proceedings

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Coal Liquefaction and Gas Conversion: Proceedings. Volume 2 - 1993

Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center

Table of Contents

Heterogeneous Catalystic Process For Alcohol Fuels From Syngas
  Minahan, D. M.; Nagaki, D. A.; Culp, G.; and Duty, N.
      Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Co, Inc.
The Economical Production of Alcohol Fuels From Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas
  Whiting, W. B.; Shaeiwitz, J. A.; Turton, R.; Torries, T. F.; Saymansky, J. E.;
    Maier, R.W.; Tandon, M.; Gautam, M.; Bata, R. M.; Haught, B. A.; and Dodd,
    J. L.
      West Virginia University
  Duty, N. M.; Culp, G. L.; Bannister, R. R.; and Vredeveld, D. R.
      Union Carbide Technical Center
Isobutanol Dehydration: A Key Step in Producing MTBE From Syngas
  Armstrong, P. A.; Bhatt, B.; Heydorn, E. C.; and Toseland, B. A.
      Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
High Octane Ethers From Synthesis Gas-Derived Alcohols
  Klier, K.; Herman, R. G.; Feeley, O. C.; Johansson, M. A.; and Menszak, J.
      Lehigh University
Progress on Developing Technology For Producing Higher Alcohols From Synthesis Gas
  Roberts, G. W.; McCutchen, M. S.; Shertukde, P. V.; Peeler, C. M.; and Lamb,
    H. H.
      North Carolina State University
Development of Alternative Fuels and Chemicals From Synthesis Gas
  Brown, D. M.
      Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Catalysts and Process Development For Synthesis Gas Conversion to Isobutylene
  Anthony, R. G.; Akgerman, A.; Postula, W. S.; Feng, Z.; Philip, C. V.; and Erkey,
      Texas A&M University
Technology Development For Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst
  Singleton, A. H.
      Energy International Corporation
Fischer-Tropsch Co/Ru Catalyst Development
  Frame, R. R.; and Gala, H. B.
Technology Development For Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts
  Tungate, F. L.
      United Catalysts, Inc.
  Xu, L.; Spicer, R. L.; Houpt, D. J.; O'Brien, R.; Lin, R.; Milburn, D. R.;
    Chokkaram, S.; Chary, K.; and Davis, B. H.
      University of Kentucky/CAER
Fischer-Tropsch Iron Catalyst Development
  Frame, R. R.; and Gala, H. B.
Pretreatment Effect and Process Evaluation Studies of Precipitated Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts
  Bukur, D. B.; Lang, X.; Nowicki, L.; and Koranne, M.
      Texas A&M University
Mössbauer Spectroscopy Study of Iron-Based Catalysts Used in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
  Davis, B; O'Brien, R. J.; and Xu, L.
      CAER, University of Kentucky
  Bukur, D. B.
      Texas A&M University
  Rao, K. R. P. M.; Huffman, G. P.; Huggins, F. E.; and Mahajan, V.
      CFFLS, University of Kentucky
The Selective Catalytic Cracking of Fischer-Tropsch Liquids to High Value Transportation Fuels
  Reagan, W. J.
      Amoco Oil Company
The Standing of Fischer-Tropsch Diesel in an Assay of Fuel Performance and Emissions
  Erwin, J.; and Ryan, III, T. W.
      Southwest Research Institute
Baseline Design/Economics For Advanced Fischer-Tropsch Technology
  Choi, G. N.; and Tam. S. S.
      Bechtel Corporation
  Fox, III, J. M.
  Kramer, S. J.
      Amoco Oil Company
  Marano, J. J.
      Burns and Roe Services Corporation
Opportunities For Reducing Product Costs in Indirect Liquefaction
  Gray, D.; Tomlinson, G.; and ElSawy, A.
       The MITRE Corporation
Fischer-Tropsch Slurry Reactor Modeling
  Soong, Y.; Boff, J. J.; Harke, F. E.; Blackwell, A. G.; and Zarochak, M. F.
      Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center