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DOE - Coal-to-Methanol Clean Coal Project Begins Operation

We earlier provided you with contact info at Eastamn about their Tennessee Coal to Chemicals project. Apparently, some good folk at our own Dept. of Energy know about it, as well.
"Operation of the Liquid Phase Methanol (LPMEOHTM) Process facility is now underway at Eastman Chemical Company's coal gasification facility in Kingsport, Tennessee. The latest facility to begin test runs in the Department of Energy's (DOE) Clean Coal Technology Program has met with immediate success."
Emphasis added. And,

"The demonstration facility, a 25 to 1 size scale-up of a liquid phase coal-to-methanol conversion system pioneered in DOE's R&D program, quickly achieved one of its initial performance targets by producing methanol at an 80,000 gallon-per-day rate. The demonstration facility has also met expectations by completing over 700 hours of stable operation."