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Linc Energy Moves to Clean Up Its Coal-to-Liquids - Envirofuel


An excerpt:
"Linc Energy has formed a Joint Venture (JV) with BioCleanCoal to develop a bioreactor which will convert CO2 into oxygen and solid biomass through a photosynthesis process. The aim is to permanently and safely remove CO2 from Linc Energy’s coal-to-liquids processes thereby preventing it from entering the atmosphere."
We earlier informed you of Australia's coal-to-liquids efforts/enterprises, both contemporary and, like Germany, during WWII. We identified Linc Energy as a key player there.
We have expounded at some small extent on the potential for using bio reactors, housing algal cultures, to clean up the emissions from both coal-to-liquid conversion and coal-fired power generation plants, and to provide additional, biomass, feedstock for inclusion in coal feeds going into CTL plants operating with appropriate technology.
If you follow the enclosed link, this lead, further, you will find that the 'Roos are, as someone usually is, way ahead of us - and much further ahead of our own, US/WV, energy researchers and companies.