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Professor's New Science Project: Fuel from Algae


As we've been saying, relatively simple bio reactors could be employed to clean up the by-products of coal-to-liquid conversion plants, and produce algae which can be used, if the proper coal conversion process is employed in the first place, as additional feed for the CTL plant.
The algae scrubbers can also be used on coal-fired power plants.
Perhaps you should contact Prof. Sayre, or his colleagues at Ohio State.
An excerpt:

"Of his newest project -- to create an alternative to petroleum-based fuels for the Air Force -- Sayre said algae produces oil that contains twice the energy of ethanol made from other plants.

Researchers say that a pond the size of New Jersey could produce enough fuel to supply the transportation needs of the country. By contrast, an area larger than the United States would be needed to grow enough corn to meet the nation's energy needs.

Eric Jarvis, a senior scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo., said algae can be grown in the ocean or a desert pond, grow and feed on wastewater or literally eat air pollutants produced by a power plant." (Emphasis - JtM)

Called SASOL, yet?