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Plans for Decatur Coal-to-Gas Plant Move Forward


An excerpt from this St. Louis Post-Dispatch story:
"Secure Energy Inc., a St. Louis-based company developing a $550 million plant in Decatur, Ill., to convert coal to natural gas, has entered a long-term sales agreement with a unit of oil giant BP PLC."
Should you wish to contact Mr. Tomich, journalist-to-journalist, to learn a little more about it:
" jtomich@post-dispatch.com | 314-340-8320 ".
Note the claim they will be producing "natural" gas from this facility. It will actually be syngas. Once you have syngas, a proper retort (you received the Karrick CTL patents list, didn't you?), and some nickel catalyst, you have, or can have, in essence, gasoline - a lot like the stuff WV's US Senator Jennings Randolph flew from Morgantown to DC with in the early 40's.