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S&TR | April 2007: Fire in the Hole

The attached article was published by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
An excerpt:
"Over the last few years, the number of activities throughout the world focusing on UCG has rapidly increased. The Chinchilla project, operating from 1997 to 2003 in Queensland, Australia, demonstrated the first long-term UCG pilot in the Western world. That project has now advanced to the stage of raising capital for a coal gas-to-liquids pilot that will make ultraclean diesel and aviation fuel."
You do recall, do you not, the Underground Coal Gasification project in the Pine Grove area, way back in the day?
Point is:
Even where we have coal seams that can't be mined because of depth, thickness or difficult ground conditions, we can still gasify the coal, and make liquid fuels from the gas.
Another, perhaps more important, point:
Livermore isn't investigating whether you can, or how to, convert coal-derived syngas to liquid fuels. That, by implication, is a given. They are developing more ways to get the syngas.