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Promotion of Low Temperature Carbonisation (LTC) Technology

As you can tell from the stilted English, this a European Union release.
They refer to their coal conversion method as "Low Temperature Carbonisation" - meaning they don't want to give the USBM credit and call it by it's real name: The Karrick Process.
Just sending it along to affirm that others are at work on this, and that Karrick will turn a lot of carbonaceous material (which, in the case of the Schuykill, PA, CTL plant, means coal waste) into stuff we can fill our gas tanks with.
Corn stalks, sawmill dust and used toilet paper would work, too.
We have a lot of options.

PS. An excerpt:


For sustainable and sound economic development there is a strong demand for extended clean power production, which is affordable by cost, utilising extended volumes of renewable biomass and continuously increased waste streams as well, and also offering high level of process safety with comprehensive long term management of residual process streams.

Among various available technologies for clean energy production, the Low Temperature Carbonisation (LTC) fuel pre-treatment technology is looking promising for future project implementations. The Low Temperature Carbonisation (LTC) technology is essentially a process for producing fuels – solid, liquid, and gaseous – from coal and other carbonaceous material, such as biomass and organic wastes. It is a value added technology, since it converts widely available low-grade fuels to high-grade fuels, while removing hazardous air pollutants, such as Sulphur, Chlorine and Mercury, which can be separately treated or recycled. Thus, produced Clean Coal can be utilised in power production, making LTC a complete and cost efficient revitalisation option. LTC is a preventive environmental protection technology that may utilise available domestic fuels and may contribute to compliance with environmental legislation in energy production. It is therefore consistent with both demands of an energy market operating under open market principles and sustainable environmental protection.

In the framework of this work-package an overview of Low Temperature Carbonisation (LTC) technology is attempted, including its present status, properties, yields and utilisation of LTC chars, a survey of competitive carbonisation methods, carbonisation conditions and their effect, and short assessment of advantages, economic and technological development of LTC"