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ND Researcher: Coal Ash Can Be Used Safely - Forbes.com


An excerpt:

"Researchers at the University of North Dakota, who have been studying coal ash for decades, hope a billion-gallon sludge spill in Tennessee won't set back efforts to promote the ash as an environmentally friendly product.

UND's Energy and Environmental Research Center says coal ash has been safely used in products ranging from concrete and carpet to bowling balls..."

As we've been saying: There are good ways in which the byproducts of coal plants - whether dedicated to the generation of power, or the manufacture of liquid fuels and chemicals - can be constructively utilized.

We should think of the situation more in terms of waste utilization, than "management" or disposal.

And, note the involvement of the U of ND. Our US Air Force is working with them, and the U of Dayton, to develop and produce liquid aviation fuel from coal.