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Arizona State University: Biofuels Initiative - Algae-Based Biofuels & Biomaterials

Perhaps the important excerpt:
"The microalgal research and development effort couples the use of microalgae for biofuels production with environmental bioremediation. Microalgae naturally remove and recycle nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorous) from water and wastewater and carbon dioxide from flue-gases emitted from fossil fuel-fired power plants, providing an added environmental benefit. The integration of wastewater bioremediation and carbon sequestration with biofuel production in a novel field-scale bioreactor has been demonstrated."
No emphases added - the entire passage is of direct consequence, as you realize if you've been following our correspondence on the potential for employment of algal bio-reactors, to not only clean up the gaseous/aqueous effluents from coal-to-liquids plants, but to provide additional feedstock for those CTL plants, as well.
If you wish to follow up, as we think, of course, you should, the link will lead you to appropriate contact info.