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Lupton et al. - Submarine Venting of Liquid Carbon Dioxide on a Mariana Arc Volcano

A key excerpt:
"The discovery of such a high CO flux at the Champagne site, estimated to be about 0.1% of the global MOR carbon flux, suggests that submarine arc volcanoes may play a larger role in oceanic carbon cycling than previously realized. The Champagne field may also prove to be a valuable natural laboratory for studying the effects of high CO concentrations on marine ecosystems."
This isn't the one we were attempting to track down.
But, care to guess why it's called the "Champagne field"?
The researchers estimate this one phenomena, alone, could be responsible for one thousandth of the earth's total CO2/carbon atmospheric/oceanic loading.
And, this is far, far from the only such vent. Certainly far from the largest.
We insist, yet again, that, if coal-to-liquids is the elephant hiding under a lampshade in or living room, then CTL's CO2 emissions are just a pimple on that elephant's butt - compared to Mother Nature's own contributions.
But, nevertheless, there are good, constructive, profitable ways to capture and utilize the emissions - if we're willing to quit whining about the problem and put some thought, and effort, into resolving it.