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Carbon Recycling International - Reykjavik, Iceland


If you thought our suggestions that CO2 generated by coal power and conversion-to-liquid plants could actually be useful were on the fanciful side, check this story out.
An excerpt:
"Ambassador Carol van Voorst recently visited the site of Icelandic American firm Carbon Recycling International, which is taking carbon dioxide emissions and converting it to liquid fuel to be used in cars. The process utilizes the clean electricity in Iceland to convert the waste emissions into the new resource. The Ambassador toured the prototype with American CEO K.C. Tran and Icelandic Chief Scientist Dr. Oddur Ingolfsson."
If you recall, we did suggest that CO2, with some modification/transformation, could be yet another raw material tossed into the feed of a coal-to-oil conversion plant, along with coal, crop and forestry waste.
Oh, and interestingly enough, there has been at least one report that a flow of liquid CO2 has been discovered flowing out from under the tongue of one of Iceland's major glaciers, deep under the ocean. We'll try to track that down and obtain some verification.
We guarantee that, if true, the volume of gas in such a phenomenon would make all our hand-wringing over emissions from coal power and coal conversion plants look like one of our old-maid aunts picking lint off our Sunday School sweaters.