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Photoreductive Sequestration of CO2 to Form C1 Products & Fuel

Buried among the DOE's many research programs devoted to burying CO2, is this gem, devoted to, as we've been urging, finding ways to actually use it.
An excerpt:
"Project Description
The objectives of this project are to investigate the chemical reduction of CO2 by sunlight and semiconductor metal oxides to determine if these reactions can be made efficient enough to make C1 products and fuel at a cost competitive with other sequestration technologies."
Nuts, even if it's not "cost competitive" with burying it, in the short term, wouldn't using it constructively be better in the long run?
And, we object to referring to the constructive use of CO2 as "sequestration". That is, of course, what it is. But, seemingly like everything else related to coal conversion, ways are apparently found to frame the picture and phrase the words in as negative and demeaning a way as is possible.
And, note, as we've said before: You can make "products and fuel from CO2.