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Welcome to Sasol Chevron's GTL Challenge


The obligatory excerpt:

"Sasol is an integrated oil and gas company with substantial chemical interests. Based in South Africa and operating worldwide, Sasol is listed on the NYSE and JSE stock exchanges. We are the leading provider of liquid fuels in South Africa and a major international producer of chemicals. Sasol uses proprietary Fischer-Tropsch technologies for the commercial production of synthetic fuels and chemicals from low-grade coal and natural gas. We manufacture more than 200 fuel and chemical products that are sold worldwide. In South Africa we also operate coal mines to provide feedstock for our synthetic fuels plants. Sasol operates the only inland crude oil refinery in South Africa. The group produces crude oil in offshore Gabon, supplies Mozambican natural gas to end-user customers and petrochemical plants in South Africa, and with partners is developing gas-to-liquids fuel joint ventures in Qatar and Nigeria. Internet address: http://www.sasol.com ."

In Sasol-Chevron's JV web site, they talk a lot about converting gas to liquid fuels and chemicals via their proprietary version of Fischer-Tropsch technology. Not so clearly stated, though, is that the gas can be natural gas, or synthesis gas generated from coal, coal wastes or biological/cellulose sources.

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