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Solid to Liquid Can Be a Gas (Grist - News - 08 Aug 2008)


Please note our copy list. Our old friend, Mike Myer, is copied in. He once expressed interest in our CTL research and, with Chris, might be able to fill in some of the "blanks" in our early reportage. We have also urged him to visit WVU and follow up on their efforts in CTL, and provided him with a contact name there.
As we noted, much of our original research and reportage on CTL has been, temporarily at least, "lost" in cyberspace.
However, one of the CTL projects we reported on was the Crow tribe's planned unit in Montana.
In fact, Montana's governor attended, we believe, a conference in Pittsburgh to report on it last year.
We think, but haven't yet been able to connect the dots, that the Crow effort, in Montana, is tied in with the US Air Force, at Malstrom base, CTL efforts, which they are undertaking with the help of the University of North Dakota.
An important fact to note with all of that is the three efforts are focused on the use of low-BTU, relative to WV bituminous, lignite - which might not compare unfavorably with stuff we used to separate out and pile up as waste in WV.
The fact that coal wastes can have value is illustrated especially by PA's planned Schuylkill coal waste-liquids project.