USDOE Solar CO2 to Gasoline

We made earlier report of this via "CoalTL", but, danged if we can find it in the R&D archives - and, we're certain that's due to our too-casual system of titling our reports, and to our computer crashes which have scrambled our own records/files and made things more difficult for us here.

Anyway, we posted a link to the USDOE's report of their CO2-recycling project, "Sunshine to Petrol", on the Americans for Energy Independence web site, and wanted to make certain you all had some of the source info in the unlikely event anyone asked if you were familiar with it.

Via the link and attached file you should be able to access:

"SANDIA (USDOE National Laboratory) REPORT; SAND2012-0307; January 2012; Final Report: Reimagining Liquid Transportation Fuels: Sunshine to Petrol".

We'll redo our CoalTL report of it in the near future. But, for now, just so you're apprised of the basic info about the USDOE's artificial photosynthesis CO2-to-Gasoline tech's.