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CO2 to Methane Info

Audi is Using Renewable Energy to Convert CO2 into Methane | Research & Development | News

Just FYI: The above link is to one of our posts concerning, actually, the company now called "ETOGAS", who built the CO2-to-Substitute, or Synthetic, Natural Gas, SNG, Methane plant for Audi:

"As of June 25, 2013, the well-known German automaker, Audi, at a brand-new factory, is using renewable, environmental energy to convert Carbon Dioxide into substitute natural gas Methane".

Anyway, if of interest, attached is a sort of formal, though overly-condensed, product data sheet from ETOGAS explaining the concept and technology. Specific industrial equipment, from Siemens and others, is identified, and, as implied by this and other of their documents, they have designed, it seems, a sort of blueprint that can be sized for specific applications.

In this and other ETOGAS literature, you'll see a good bit of reference to "biogas" reforming - - which, since that particularly farcical darling of alternative energy advocates is a mix of gases which includes a quite high percentage of CO2, in addition to the bio-genic Methane, as the bugs excrete it from their diet of sewage sludge, etc.,is a good candidate for ETOGAS process reforming. The CO2 is converted to Methane, and the ETOGAS-treated biogas then has a higher percentage of Methane, and a higher heating value.

Of interest to us, of course, is its application to industrial off-gases or even to CO2 extracted from air, which is also a focus of their marketing efforts.

Given that the tech, as we've documented and as we will be further reporting, for extracting H2 from H2O is becoming more and more efficient, their concept and process becomes increasingly attractive.

We'll be treating them again in the future in CoalTL reports, and thought you might like to see evidence of the fact, that, in addition to the plans announced by Carbon Recycling International, other European companies are starting to actively promote CO2 recycling technology and industry, with the prospects of added value and increased employment in coal/coal-use industries all of that might suggest. Hopefully of interest.