WV Coal Association, WV Coal Mining Institute to Jointly Sponsor Mining Program Apr. 19-20 in Morgantown

The West Virginia Coal Association is joining together with the West Virginia Coal Mining Institute to sponsor a special program for mining professionals on April 19-20, at the Marriott at Waterfront Place in Morgantown.

The program will engage and inform mining professionals on developing technologies, mine safety and environmental programs, and emerging threats and challenges facing the industry. The agenda will feature special guest speakers as well as a variety of technical presentations during the two-day program.

OP ED: Banking Bill Essential to Fight Woke Capitalists

Chris Hamilton, President & CEO
WV Coal Association
(304) 342-4153

President Joe Biden and his liberal allies have not hidden their desire to use any means necessary to enact their radical Green New Deal social agenda.

Biden has nominated a slew of agency appointees who have openly said they would use their agency power to enact rigorous anti-fossil fuel climate policies. Meanwhile, his Special Presidential Envoy on Climate, John Kerry, has reportedly been pressuring big banks to cut off financing and divest from coal, oil, and natural gas companies. We are in the middle of an energy crisis in this country, and one needs only to look to what’s going on right now in Europe to see the dangers of what could happen when you let radical social activists cut off reliable sources of energy.

WV Coal Association Statement Regarding Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments in West Virginia v EPA

Charleston, W.Va. – Chris Hamilton, President and CEO of the West Virginia Coal Association offered the following statement following Monday’s oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in West Virginia v Environmental Protection Agency:  

“This case is about reining in the unchecked power of federal agencies, and specifically the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. 

West Virginia Coal Association Announces Annual Legislative Program

CHARLESTON, WV (LOOTPRESS) – The West Virginia Coal Association presented it annual legislative program to state lawmakers, highlighting the mining industry’s vision for coal and coal mining as part of the states’ energy and economic future.

The Association outlined a dozen issues that would help the industry better defend against President Biden and future climate attacks and to incentivize the industry to capitalize on the strong market for coal.

WV Coal Association Statement Regarding U.S. Senator Joe Manchin’s Position on the Build Back Better Act

Charleston, W.Va. – Chris Hamilton, president and chief executive officer of the West Virginia Coal Association offers the following statement regarding U.S. Senator Joe Manchin’s position on the Build Back Better Act:

“On behalf of West Virginia’s coal miners and our energy economy, I applaud U.S. Senator Joe Manchin for his decision to vote no on the Build Back Better Act should it come before the Senate in 2022.

In the face of incredible pressure, Senator Manchin remained true to his West Virginia values and the bedrock common sense we all share here in the Mountain State.

Make no mistake, the Build Back Better Act is an attempt by Senator Bernie Sanders, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional extremists to insert the ‘green new deal’ into an already bloated federal budget bill.

In defending his position, Senator Manchin said “If enacted, the bill will also risk the reliability of our electric grid and increase our dependence on foreign supply chains. We have invested billions of dollars into clean energy technologies so we can continue to lead the world in reducing emissions through innovation.”  We couldn’t say it any better!

Senator Manchin’s position ensures that fossil energy will continue, at least for now, to provide energy independence and energy security for America, and significant economic value to West Virginia and our citizens.”

For additional information, contact Chris Hamilton at (304) 342-4153.