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Photographing America's Coal Miners

The goal of this project is to put a human face on the energy issue by creating a collection of life-size photographs of American coal miners, suitable for museum exhibition. These monumental portraits reveal the human essence of the coal industry and their exhibition will celebrate and honor these men and women as contemporary American heroes.

These photographs are life-size portraits from the tops of the miners helmets to the tips of their boots. Between 30 and 40 photos are taken in a grid, life-size on 8 x 10 inch film covering the entire person. Those negatives are then contact printed and assembled to create a full size person. The quality is extraordinary, as this is ultimate photographic quality the contact print. Every hair and every thread is as clear as in real life. Most of the portraits are shot in black & white and mounted on 16 gauge hot rolled steel sheets. The final pieces are almost 7 feet tall.

Source:  Thorney Lieberman 

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The West Virginia Legislature stands up for Spruce Miners – Urges agency not to Veto Spruce Mine Permit

The West Virginia legislature has communicated its will to EPA by urging the federal agency not to veto or rescind the Spruce Mine Permit.  SCR 61 was passed without a descending vote.

(By Senators Tomblin (Mr. President), Stollings, Browning, Oliverio, Williams, McCabe and Plymale)
 Urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to not veto the permit issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Spruce Mine in Logan County, West Virginia.

Times-West Virginia to Publish Special Mining Section

The Times-West Virginian newspaper will be publishing a special mining outlook section this week. The section is scheduled to feature stories about the economic impact of coal, a look at the impact of the EPA’s continuing delays in issuing mining permits, as well as looks at post-mine land use and a column submission by WVCA President Bill Raney. Look for the issue this week.

Charleston Newspapers Publishes Mining Outlook Section

The Charleston Newspapers printed its annual mining and energy outlook section this past weekend. It featured stories on mine land restoration, post-mine land use (including a list of sites), the results of the recent WVU/MUeconomic impact of coal study and a column about the current state of coal by WVCA President Bill Raney. If you missed it, you can order reprints or additional copies by going to the Charleston Newspapers’ website at http://reprints.cnpapers.com.