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U.S. EPA’s Disapproval of 19 State’s State Implementation Plans Reflects Total Contempt for State Sovereignty and the Rule of Law

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. ─ America's Coal Associations today condemned President Biden's Environmental Protection Agency for its actions earlier this week to disapprove State Implementation Plans (SIPs) for 19 states throughout America.   

 EPA disapproved state submitted plans that have been pending since 2019 in an effort to implement more stringent and punitive standards by circumventing the Clean Air Act’s rulemaking process for developing new standards. 

Representatives from America’s Coal Associations called EPA’s disapproval action,” The height of callousness and contempt for an American industry and American workers who have given this great country so much and continue to supply reliable, resilient, and secure baseload power to support Americas electric grids, and base fuel for infrastructure buildout and steel making.

“To completely dismantle SIPs that have taken years to design and develop, which address individual state ambient air standards that are fully compliant with applicable federal air standards, and ensure maximum environmental protections demonstrates the Agency's arrogance and disregard for governors and state legislatures across America.” 

ACA calls upon governors, state legislators, and congressional representatives to join to encourage Congress and state attorneys general to take whatever action is necessary to stop the Biden Administration from destroying America’s industrial community. 

America’s Coal Associations, comprised of the organizations below, collectively account for 261,000 coal industry workers and $381 billion dollars of economic activity.

For additional information, contact Chris Hamilton at (304) 342-4153.