Treasurer Moore fights for WV fossil energy industries!

On behalf of the West Virginia Coal Association and fossil energy developers everywhere, we’d like to offer our heart-felt appreciation to West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore for his efforts to reign in the Biden Administration’s attempts to curtail investments in fossil energy projects.

As described in the article below, Treasurer Moore is leading efforts by state treasurers across the country to warn the Administration they “could withdraw assets from any banks that reduce loans to fossil fuel companies”.

Maintaining the baseload power derived from coal and natural gas is critical for powering America’s energy needs, and doubly important for the economy of state’s like West Virginia and the tens of thousands of jobs they provide our citizens.

Hat’s off to Treasurer Moore!

U.S. State Treasurers Warn Kerry Not To Pressure Banks On Climate

Treasurers from 15 U.S. states warned U.S. climate envoy John Kerry in a letter that they could withdraw assets from any banks that reduce loans to fossil fuel companies, following reports that the Biden administration has pressured financial institutions over such loans.

Riley Moore, state treasurer of coal and natural gas producing West Virginia, said the Biden administration's efforts would, if enacted, cripple fossil fuel companies and threaten jobs of thousands of workers in his state ... (Read More)