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Weekly Production / Consumption Report (Feb .27 Update)

West Virginia coal production rebounded from the previous two weeks when transportation difficulties impacted coal shipments.  State production increased by +23.5%  Production from the NAPP region of the state increased by +24% and W.Va. CAPP production increased by +22.6

National coal production increased by +20%, with production from the entire Appalachian region increasing  by just over +20%

U.S. Thermal coal prices were unchanged week over week.  Average natural gas prices fell as temperatures moderated, FERC diversions of supply were lifted and well freeze offs were addressed.  Average natural gas prices decreased by -84.17% (-$14.95 MMBtu).

Domestic iron and steel production increased slightly week over week by +0.22%, with capacity utilization increasing by +0.25%

U.S. electrical output declined week over week as extreme cold temperatures moderated.  Total output decreased by -14% week over week.  

U.S. Rail traffic rebounded from the previous two week declines, increasing by +28% from the previous week.