Weekly Coal Production / Consumption Report (Feb .20 Update)

Coal production declined week over week across the nation as production was impacted by transportation delays and difficulties associated with the extremely cold weather.

West Virginia coal production slipped again week over week, declining by -15.5%  Production from the NAPP region of the state decreased by -17% and W.Va. CAPP production declined by -13.3%.  National coal production decreased by -10%, with production from the entire Appalachian region declining by just over -10%.

U.S. Thermal coal prices increased week over week for NAPP  (+3.1%), CAPP  (+3.1%) and PRB (+6.2%).  Prices for ILB coal were unchanged and the Western Bituminous coal decreased by -0.3%.  Average U.S. natural gas prices increased +342.8% (+$13.75).  Henry Hub pricing increased by +667% (+$20.53).

Domestic iron and steel production increased week over week by +0.11% and furnace capacity utilization increased by +0.13%.

U.S. electrical generation increased from the previous week +2.28%, with output from the coal regions increasing by +3%.  Output in the New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions increased by +3.8%.  Generation in the Central Industrial region increased by +0.59%

Total U.S. rail traffic decreased by -21.3%, (negatively impacted by the cold weather that caused delays at major interchange points), ts fourth straight week of decline.  Coal traffic declined week over week by -10.5%, finished steel and steel raw material carloads declined by -10% from the previous week.