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Weekly Production / Consumption Report (Jan. 23 Update)

Last week, West Virginia coal production increased at one its highest week over week rates since the COVID pandemic, going up +12.8% from the previous week.  State production from the NAPP region increased by +14.34% and output from the CAPP region of the state increased by almost +11%. Nationally, coal production increased by  +9.6%.  Production from the entire Appalachian region increased by 

+8.7%.  Production from the Interior region increased by +9.2% and Western output increased by just over +10%.  

Thermal coal prices changed across most of the basins.  CAPP prices decreased by -2% (-$1.10), NAPP pricing increased by +3.1% (+$1.40).  Illinois basin prices were static from the previous week, and prices dropped slightly in the Powder River Basin (-0.4%) and Western Bituminous (-0.5%) regions. Average natural gas prices declined by -10.6% week over week. 

U.S. Iron and steel production declined week over week by -1.02%, with capacity utilization decreasing by -1.3%.

Electric generation was down nationally by -2.8% from the previous week, with output from the coal regions decreasing by -3.3%

Total U.S. rail traffic increased slightly week over week by +0.9%, with coal car loadings increasing by +10%.