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Lieberman Prints

Most of you are quite familiar with, and have even supported, the work of Thorney Lieberman, the Charleston photographic artist who developed a unique portrait series honoring coal miners.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Thorney’s work, I urge you to view it at www.AmericasCoalMiners.com.  One of his portraits is featured on the cover of WVCA’s 2009 Coal Facts, and we featured one of his portraits on the back of ICG’s 2008 Annual Report.  The portraits are a series of life-sized photographs of actual coal miners and are visually stunning.

In any event, in recognition of the fact that most people do not have the appropriate space to hang a life-sized miner in their home or office, Thorney has developed a print format that captures the essence of his project on a smaller scale that is both appropriate for the home or office and quite affordable.  (I have one on display in my home.)  Thorney can produce his unique photographic pieces for you on an approximately 14 ½ “ W by 23” H metal background (like the life-size gallery exhibits).  These smaller pieces can be purchased from Thorney for $450 each (sales tax not included).  (As a side, Thorney also pays a portion of the sale price of his work to the particular subject of the print.)

If you wish to purchase one, please contact Thorney directly (I have copied his email link above) or through his website.