By BILL RANEY, president West Virginia Coal Association Despite challenging times, West Virginia coal is proud Bill Raney, WVCA President to continue to be a major contributor to the State’s economy with its coal being mined by more than 12,000 of the best coal miners in the world, and its use in the efficient and compliant … More Despite Challenges, West Virginia’s Coal Industry will Survive  

As I’m sure everyone knows, Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, laid out details of his “America First” economic plan in a speech in Detroit earlier this week, that was carried live on nationwide television. While he spoke of tax reductions and reform and changing and/or nullifying trade agreements, the significance to our industry were his … More Trump Outlines Economic Plan that will Restore our Nation’s Economy and put our People Back to Work

For Immediate Release:   August 24, 2016 Legislature’s Action Keeps West Virginia Coal Miners Working CHARLESTON – Earlier this year, the West Virginia Legislature passed a bill that allowed utility companies to fast-track recovery of costs for upgrades to existing power plants if the upgrades help keep West Virginia coal miners working. The bill is already … More Mon Power & Potomac Edison Invest in Upgrades at Harrison & Fort Martin Stations: Will Keep Coal Plants Working

By T.L. Headley, MBA, MA CHARLESTON, W.Va – Despite the news the media pushes, the truth is out there if you look for it. Taking a look at the latest data from the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC), coal currently makes up more than half the daily fuel mix for most of the United States. … More Current Daily Fuel Mix of Electric Generation Companies

By Eliza Relman, Business Insider (Mar. 16, 2017) Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, claimed that the Environmental Protection Agency is releasing “propaganda” that is “brainwashing our kids,” during a CNN interview on Thursday. “We want to deliver the services. We ought to make things clean,” Inhofe said. “But we ought to take all this stuff … More Republican senator defends cuts to EPA, which he says is ‘brainwashing our kids’

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