Our own US Government developed, and assigned itself the rights to, the Coal conversion process we report herein.
The facts that We the People paid for it's development and, thus, in theory, own, but, for whatever suspect reasons, haven't yet been privileged to benefit from, or even to be told of, it, for the moment aside, consider that it confirms a few things we have been reporting to you about the technology of Coal conversion, as already established by other developers of the art.
First, all of the Hydrogen needed to hydrogenate the primarily Carbon content of Coal can be generated from one step in an integrated process, wherein still-carbonaceous Coal conversion residues are reacted with Steam, as in this preview from the full excerpts below: "solid char containing residual carbonaceous material is contacted with steam and oxygen to produce a gas containing hydrogen and carbon monoxide as a source of hydrogen".
Second, a Coal conversion process can be designed so as to allow for the inclusion of other organic, and Carbon-recycling, raw materials, as in another preview stating that this is a: "method of converting solid carbonaceous material ... selected from coal, lignite, wood ... to liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels".
"Wood" can include any cellulose - whether from trees, sawdust, weeds, unwanted news rags, food crop and algae processing residues, etc.   
That is pretty straightforward stuff, and, again, it comes directly from our Federal Government.
Additional comment follows excerpts from:
"United States Patent 4,155,832 - Hydrogenation Process for Solid Carbonaceous Materials
Date: May, 1979
Inventors: John Cox and Wayne Wilcox, WA
Assignee: The United States of America
Abstract: Coal or other solid carbonaceous material is contacted with an organic solvent containing both hydrogen and a transition metal catalyst in solution to hydrogenate unsaturated bonds within the carbonaceous material. This benefaction step permits subsequent pyrolysis or hydrogenolysis of the carbonaceous fuel to form gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon products of increased yield and quality.
The invention described herein was made in the course of, or under, a contract with the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY.
Claims:  A method of hydrogenating solid carbonaceous fuels selected from coal, lignite, wood ... wherein the organic solution includes a liquid solvent of liquefaction products of the solid carbonaceous material.
Background: The present invention relates to methods for the benefaction, gasification and liquefaction of coal and other carbonaceous materials. The fuel materials contemplated include anthracite, bituminous and lignite coal along with other materials such as wood,, lignin, oil shale, tar sand, peat, solid petroleum residuals and various solid products derived from coal and other carbonaceous materials.
Summary: (It) is an object of the present invention to provide a process for hydrogenating solid carbonaceous materials (via) a hydrogenation method for solid carbonaceous materials that can be performed at moderate conditions."

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