Roughly a year ago, we began alerting you to a United States Department of Energy Research and Development program, undertaken by their western US National Laboratories, which is known as "Green Freedom" (TM), and, wherein environmental energy, most often posited to be sunlight, is harnessed to collect Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere itself, and then to convert that CO2 into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Last October, in fact, we sent you the dispatch, with the same link and attached file, we enclose with, and append to, these new opening comments.



We are making this duplicate effort since we just discovered that the West Virginia Coal Association's archived web site record of this particular report has been somehow displaced; and, since we are now preparing additional reports demonstrating and documenting the West Texas oil industry's participation, with the USDOE, in the development of the Green Freedom (TM) Carbon Dioxide recycling technology.

As you should know by now, the universities and colleges in West Texas, most with curricula specifically focused on and centered around petroleum business and science, are among the most vociferous proponents of the mandated geologic "sequestration" of Carbon Dioxide in nearly-depleted natural petroleum reservoirs, to be performed all at the expense of our Coal-based electrical utilities and their customers.

Our contention, in fact, has been, and remains, that the threat of Cap & Trade taxation has been the "stick" with which the US Government, at the behest of the Oil Industry and the, we believe Oil Industry-supported, environmental lobby, has been herding us Coal Country cattle into the acceptance of a mandated Geologic Sequestration program.

And, again as we have documented, Carbon Dioxide has some interesting physical properties which make it rather uniquely well-suited for use in a suite of technologies known as "EOR", i.e.:"Enhanced Oil Recovery".

So, as we Coal Country rubes pay to stuff the depleted natural petroleum reservoirs full of CO2, that CO2 will be pushing out more petroleum for the oil industry to make profits from.

Then, we assure you that we are now convinced of it, the oil industry will begin withdrawing "sequestered" Carbon Dioxide from those oil fields and converting it, as well, into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Which, we further assure you, is something we could and should start doing ourselves, right here in the Appalachian heart of US Coal Country.

The text of our original report, from last October, follows:

"We have several times, in the course of our reportage, made brief reference to the United States Department of Energy's "Green Freedom" (TM) concept for recycling atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Herein, via the enclosed link and attached file, we submit a fuller description and explanation of that technology.

As you will be able to see, the concept and technology are straightforward, even simple. But, the details beg study and public exposition by anyone truly interested in the security of our vital Coal-use industries and of the United States of America.

Comment follows brief excerpts from:

"Green Freedom (TM) - A Concept for Producing Carbon-Neutral Synthetic Fuels

November, 2007

Jeffrey Martin and William Kubic; Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

Introduction: We have developed a low-risk, transformational concept, called Green Freedom (TM), for large scale production of carbon-neutral, sulfur-free fuels and chemicals from air and water.

Green Freedom (TM) utilizes carbon-neutral power to recover carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; split water into hydrogen; and, convert hydrogen and carbon dioxide into synthetic fuels and organic chemicals.

Green Freedom's (TM) synthesis-gas process is based on ... current technologies that are in wide use.

(Those technologies include) a process to separate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce useful hydrogen as a byproduct; a process to generate supplemental hydrogen by splitting water; and, a carbon neutral power source.

Many useful organic chemicals can be produced ... (and we) have developed Green Freedom (TM) concepts for evaluation specifically for production of methanol and gasoline.

Making gasoline from air and water sounds exotic, but now practical technology has been developed to implement known chemical pathways for producing fuel from these abundant raw materials."


We don't know about you, or, based on the feedback we've so far received about our other reports concerning the very real CO2 recycling technologies that are "out there", and available, but:

Green Freedom (TM) sounds a heck of a lot better, and makes a lot more sense, to us, than schemes and scams like Cap & Trade and Geologic Sequestration.

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