Herein is yet another half-century old Coal conversion technology from the former Texaco Corporation, now a part of the Chevron conglomerate.
We find it interesting, since it provides even more confirmation of several facts concerning Coal gasification and liquefaction we have lately been focusing on.
First, the hydrogenation of Coal, of Carbon, can be accomplished through interactions with Steam.
Second, Carbon Dioxide can be added to processes of Coal gasification wherein Steam is employed, since excess Hydrogen, above that needed to hydrogenate the Coal, can be generated from the Steam in quantities sufficient to hydrogenate additional CO2; and, the temperatures  within a Coal gasification zone are, as we read it, high enough to make the CO2 reactive.
Third, primary and long-known Coal oils can be employed to advantage in processes of Coal conversion.
Summary comment follows brief excerpts from:
"United States Patent 2,669,509 - Gasifying Carbonaceous Solids
Date: February, 1954
Inventor: Frederick Sellers, NY
Assignee: Texaco Development Corporation, NY
Abstract: This invention relates to a process for the gasification of solid carbonaceous materials.
The process of the invention is particularly applicable to the treatment of coal ... .
(And) this invention is particularly suited to the production of water gas, fuel gas or feed gas for the synthesis of hydrocarbons via the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
An object pf this invention ... is to provide an improved process for the generation of carbon monoxide and hydrogen by the reaction of coal with steam and oxygen."

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