In some of our recent reports, we've shown that technologies for converting Carbon Dioxide into the valuable plastics manufacturing raw material and, as in ExxonMobil's "MTG"(r) technology, Gasoline precursor, Methanol, are actually fairly well-known among, and being further developed by, some corporate components of the international petroleum industry - most of them headquartered in the United States, where USDOE National Laboratories and USDOD contractors, all as we have documented, have been contributing to the, what should be public, Carbon Dioxide recycling knowledge base.

Herein, we see that such knowledge, of processes which would enable the conversion of Carbon Dioxide into the versatile and valuable Methanol, has been established in other nations of the world, as well; some of them nations we have come to view, given especially the "merger" of the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China, as potent competitors.

Comment follows brief excerpts from the enclosed link to:


"Synergistic Catalysis of Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation into Methanol


Author: J.B. Wang, et. al.; I-Shen and Tsing Hua Universities, Taiwan, ROC


Catalysis Letters, Number 1-2; October, 2002


Methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide hydrogenation was studied over (various metal oxide) catalysts ... .


It was found that (certain specified) catalysts exhibited substantial enhancement in activity and selectivity toward methanol formation.


Conclusions: The activity and selectivity of copper oxide catalysts for methanol synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation can be markedly enhanced ... ."



We keep our excerpts brief since much of the report is given to technical data and chemical formulae that are beyond our scope.

But, here's the deal:

Nearly a decade ago, there was sufficient knowledge, extant half-way around the world from US Coal Country, concerning the fact that we could manufacture "methanol" via a "synthesis from CO2", for there to have been improvements made in the technology, so that such "methanol synthesis from CO2" could "be markedly enhanced".

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