We must point out that the phrases and words "liquid fuel" and "fuel gas" and "hydrocarbons" aren't even used in the exposition of this US Government-certified Big Oil Coal conversion technology from more than 50 years ago.
"Volatile products" was, apparently, the fig leaf in fashion for Coal conversion technologies that year.
It does sort of tantalize the imagination, though, doesn't it?
In any case, this is further confirmation that Coal, and other substances composed primarily of Carbon, can be converted into more versatile, and more valuable, hydrocarbons through interaction with Steam.
Summary and explanatory comment follows very brief excerpts from:
"United States Patent 2,582,710 - Conversion of Carbonaceous Solids into Volatile Products
Date: January, 1952
Inventor: Homer Martin, NJ
Assignee: Standard Oil Development Company, DE
Abstract: The present invention relates to the conversion of carbonaceous solids into volatile products (by their) gasification ... with steam.
More particularly, the invention is concerned with ... all types of coal (and) cellulose materials."

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