We earlier, as recorded by the WV Coal Association on August 10 of this year, documented, through report of "US 1,949,891 - Valuable Products from Coal" that the Netherlands, not a nation, aside from some holdings in their then far-flung empire, rich in Coal deposits, had, some years before the outbreak of WWII, like Germany, developed technology wherein liquid hydrocarbon fuels could be synthesized from Coal.
Herein, we see that another Coal-poor European nation, before WWII, saw, as well, that there was benefit in escaping the chains of what was, even then, perhaps especially then, Big Oil, and developed a US Patent Office-approved method for converting Coal into more versatile hydrocarbons.
Comment follows excerpts from:
"United States Patent 1,974, 125 - Process for Generating Gaseous Fuels
Date: September, 1934
Inventor: J.M.F. Soelberg, Norway
Abstract: This invention relates to the production of combustible gas from solid carbonaceous material ... .
The carbonaceous material reacts with ... water vapor forming hot gaseous reaction products such as hydrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide ... .
Claims: Process for generating combustible gases which comprises dropping finely divided carbonaceous fuel through an electric arc zone in the presence of water vapor."

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