A few days ago, we submitted documentation, in our report of  the "Development of an Improved Sabatier Reactor", about a presentation made at the ASME Conference on Environmental Systems, back in 1979, by US Department of Defense contractors United Technologies, that our own government has most likely known now for more than thirty years that Carbon Dioxide can be converted into Methane.
Of course, as we've tediously documented, Europe's Nobel Committee has known that since 1912.
That's when the original "Sabatier Reactor" that converts CO2 to Methane, which our Defense contractors were working, in the 1970's, to improve, became, or should have become, public knowledge.
We have also, from other sources, including Penn State University, documented technologies wherein Carbon Dioxide can be recycled, through it's use as a raw material in the synthesis of even higher, liquid hydrocarbons.
And, that, through reactions with the Methane that can be made from the Carbon Dioxide.
Of course, we have also in earlier posts documented that the above-mentioned United Technologies, and their Hamilton Standard division, know all of that as well, since they have filed for US Patents on items as fascinating as a "Fuel Production Ship", which, as we documented for you, is intended to make liquid fuels for the Navy's ships at sea by using Carbon Dioxide extracted from the environment, along with ocean water as the source of Hydrogen.
Herein, we see that such knowledge is at last leaking out into the general public.
The United States Patent Application we enclose herein, via the above link and attached file, names as it's inventor one Thomas Kaplan, of New York City, about whom we have been able to learn - nothing.
And, there are no "Assignees" named in the application. No corporate or government masters, in other words, who might not be as keen as your average citizen to have it become known that Carbon Dioxide can be extracted from the atmosphere in a practical way and then converted, as Kaplan specifies, into Gasoline.
Brief comment follows excerpts from the attached file of, and enclosed link to:
"United States Patent Application Publication Number US2010/0137457A1
Title: Conversion of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide into Useful Materials
Publication Date: June, 2010
Inventor: Thomas Proger Kaplan, NY, NY
Abstract: A method for converting carbon dioxide in a gaseous environment, including air into useful materials by use of renewable energy sources which comprises: extracting carbon dioxide from a gaseous source (and) utilizing wind power, solar power and other renewable energy sources to (reclaim the CO2 and power) membrane cell electrolysis simultaneously producing hydrogen (H2) gas ... (and) ... utilizing the Fischer-Tropsch process, Mobil process, ICI process, or related or similar processes to convert carbon oxides to a hydrocarbon concomitantly with or after effecting the reverse water gas shift reaction to convert said CO2 and H2 gas into carbon monoxide for reaction in said Fischer-Tropsch process, Mobil process or ICI process.
Summary: The present invention provides a method by which renewable energy sources are used to convert carbon dioxide ... into ... gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, methanol, ethanol or other organic fuels."
Details in published patent applications can be somewhat sparse, but Kaplan's presentation deserves a full reading. There is nothing in it that has not already been reported, as we have documented for you, by our own United States Government scientists at the USDOE's Sandia, Los Alamos and Brookhaven National Laboratories.
Carbon Dioxide, according to those USDOE National Laboratories and their accomplished scientists, can, indeed, through the engagement of renewable, environmental energy, all as we have documented in reports to the West Virginia Coal Association, be converted into, at least, again as those government scientists attest, Methane and Methanol. And, those two substances, as should by now be incontrovertible, make synthesis of all the other fuels cataloged above most definitely feasible.

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