United States Patent: 5985178


Herein, Exxon discloses yet another way in which Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water can be combined in a process that yields hydrocarbon synthesis gas.

Although the process seems, in fact, to be a version of "tri-reforming", as explained, as we've documented in our reports, best and most recently by scientists at Penn State University; it is one designed to yield a "low hydrogen syngas", which has, as Exxon points out, application in the synthesis of specific types of hydrocarbons.

What we find most notable in this exposition, however, is the clear, US Government-certified, statement, by Exxon, that this technology enables the production of valuable hydrocarbon synthesis gas "with net CO2 consumption ... (making) ... the process environmentally beneficial".

And, this Carbon Dioxide recycling technology could be made to be even more "environmentally beneficial", as we explain, following excerpts from:

"United States Patent 5,985,178 - Low Hydrogen Syngas using CO2 and a Nickel Catalyst


Date: November, 1999


Inventor: David Long, LA, and Rocco Fiato, NJ


Assignee: Exxon Research and Engineering


Abstract: A process for making a synthesis gas comprising H2 and CO in the presence of a (specified) reforming catalyst ... from a feed including ... preferably methane ..., O2, H2O and CO2 without catalyst deactivation is achieved by partially oxidizing and steam reforming the feed in the presence of the catalyst.  Synthesis gas having H2 to CO mole ratios less than 2:1 and even less than 1.5:1 are easily achieved with net CO2 consumption, which also makes the process environmentally beneficial.

Claims: A process for producing a synthesis gas comprising a mixture of H2 and CO ... which comprises partially oxidizing and steam reforming a feed comprising a hydrocarbon, CO2, O2 and H2O, wherein said partial oxidation and reforming (result) in net CO2 conversion.

(And) wherein said feed hydrocarbon comprises mostly methane.

Background: Synthesis gas (syngas) comprises a mixture of H2 and CO2 and is used for various purposes, including synthesis of hydrocarbons and oxygenates. While syngas may be derived by the partial oxidation of a variety of hydrocarbonaceous feed materials such as coal ... it is convenient to form it from low molecular weight hydrocarbons, preferably alkanes and most preferably methane.

When making ... methanol and higher alcohols, (and) dimethyl ether and other chemicals, syngas having H2 to CO mole ratios of less than 2:1 and closer to 1:1 are needed."



So, by reacting "CO2, O2 and H2O" with "methane" we can generate a hydrocarbon synthesis gas with a composition that seems ideally suited for "making ... methanol and higher alcohols (and) dimethyl ether" in a process that results in "net CO2 conversion".

We remind you that "dimethyl ether" is, among other things, a serviceable Diesel fuel; and, that Methanol, once Exxon makes it, via the process they disclose herein, from Carbon Dioxide, can be further converted, via ExxonMobil's own "MTG"(r) technology, into Gasoline.

We further submit that there could be even greater "net CO2" consumption if the needed Methane were to be made from Carbon Dioxide, via the 1912 Nobel-winning Sabatier process now being further developed, all as we have previously documented for you, by NASA.

However, as we document today via separate dispatch, concerning "US Patent 3,951,617 - Production of Clean Fuel Gas; April, 1976; Assignee: Texaco, Inc.", if we want to, we can also produce Methane, along with yet more hydrocarbon synthesis gas, from Coal.


We must repeat, yet again, as seen herein, that:


Carbon Dioxide, as arises in a small way, relative to some natural sources of emission, such as volcanoes, from our varied and productive uses of Coal, is a valuable raw material resource.


We can make liquid hydrocarbon fuels out of it.

We really don't want to, through Cap & Trade legislation, tax our vital Coal-use industries out of existence because they produce a little bit of it for us; nor, do we want to enslave our vital Coal-use industries into the service of the petroleum cartel, through mandated Geologic Sequestration in near-empty natural petroleum reservoirs.


And, speaking further of Geologic Sequestration:

Considering the owner of the technology disclosed herein, isn't it pretty-darned clear by now what the oil industry plans to do with all of the Carbon Dioxide we rubes up in Coal Country might be forced, by law, all at our expense, to collect, ship to and stuff down their old West Texas oil wells?

Remember, in our own humble opinion: Cap & Trade taxation is the stick intended to make the Geologic Sequestration carrot seem the more attractive option.

We don't need either of them. Both are counter-productive extortions.

We can, as herein, convert our Carbon Dioxide emissions into liquid hydrocarbons; and, we can do it right here in Coal Country.

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