Patent US3842113
More than thirty-five years ago, Japanese scientists claimed, and our United States Government confirmed, that valuable hydrocarbons can be synthesized in an efficient way from Carbon Dioxide.
Comment follows excerpts from the link to, and attached file of:
"United States Patent 3,842,113 - Catalyst for Reducing Carbon Dioxide
Date: October, 1974
Inventor: Masaru Ichikawa, Japan
Assignee: Sagami Chemical Research Center, Tokyo
Abstract: Catalyst capable of converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons ... is disclosed. The catalyst according to this invention shows a remarkable absorption of hydrogen and carbon dioxide; ... when a mixture of (them) is contacted with the catalyst, there is observed the formation of C2-C5 hydrocarbons, especially ... ethylene and ethane ... ."
We keep our excerpts brief. There seems little need to reproduce the details of how it's efficiently done. It suffices, for us, to know that it can be done.
Hydrogen is needed for the reaction; but, if you have kept up with our reports, you by now know that Consolidation Coal Company has invented multiple processes, whereby Hydrogen can be inexpensively generated through the reactions of both Coal and Coal Liquefaction Residue with Steam.
And, yes, we can make a lot of useful things out of ethylene and ethane, and thus out of Carbon Dioxide, such as liquid fuels and plastics.
Even if we don't know all of that in US Coal Country, yet, you had better believe they know it in the West Texas oil patch, and wherever anyone is inviting our Coal-use industries to ship them, at Coal Country's expense, any CO2 that just happens to pop up out of our smoke stacks.
Carbon Dioxide is a valuable by-product of our Coal use. It is a raw material we can employ in profitable, environmentally responsible ways.
That is how we should all start thinking of it; and, that is how we should all start treating it.

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