Improving Process Performances in Coal Gasification for Power & Synfuel Production - Energy & Fuels (ACS Publications)

M. Sudiro*, A. Bertucco, F. Ruggeri and M. Fontana§
Department of Chemical Engineering (DIPIC), University of Padova, Italy and Foster Wheeler Italiana Spa, Milan, Italy
"This paper is aimed at developing process alternatives of conventional coal gasification. A number of possibilities are presented, simulated, and discussed in order to improve the process performances, to avoid the use of pure oxygen, and to reduce the overall CO2 emissions. The different process configurations considered include both power production, by means of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant, and synfuel production, by means of Fischer−Tropsch (FT) synthesis."
Do you suppose that, if we have to, in the future, fuel our hillbilly pickups with gasoline made in Italy from Italian coal, that we will only be able to drive in reverse?
Not surprising, really, that a former Axis power is following in the tread tracks of coal-fueled German tanks.
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