United States Patent: 4282187


In our report of yesterday, "CO2 to Synfuel Production Ship", we documented that, back in 1986, our US Government had issued Patent 4,568,522 to Grumman Aerospace, for the invention of a "vessel ... with means for producing and storing synthetic fuel generated from ...carbon dioxide".

Herein, in what might be a repeat of an even earlier report, we see that Grumman's invention was actually based on a CO2 recycling innovation they, and their scientists, had accomplished five years previously.

Comment follows excerpts from:


"United States Patent 4,282,187 - Hydrocarbons from Air, Water and Low Cost Electrical Power


Date: August, 1981


Inventor: Marshall Corbett and Salvatore Salina, NY


Assignee: Grumman Aerospace Corporation, NY


Abstract: A process for manufacturing synthetic hydrocarbons such as gasoline and/or kerosene from the synthesis of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The carbon dioxide is obtained from the atmosphere while the hydrogen is obtained during the electrolysis of water. An intermediate fuel, namely methyl alcohol may be stored for use or upgraded to higher heating value hydrocarbons by a catalytic conversion.

Claims: A system for producing methanol comprising: at least one CO2 absorbtion venturi tower; means for delivering NaOH solution to the tower; means located in the tower for forming droplets of NaOH solution and directing the droplets to pass through air, in the tower, thus causing CO2 in the air to be absorbed by the solution which results in a carbonate solution of sodium bicarbonate/hypo carbonate; means receiving the carbonate solution and ... for stripping CO2 as a first byproduct from the carbonate solution; means for transferring the CO2 to a methanol converter; electrolysis means for disassociating H2 and O2 from water provided to it; and means for transferring the H2 to the methanol converter.

(And)  a hydrocarbon synthesizer connected to an outlet of the methanol converter for converting methanol to gasoline.

Background and Field: The present invention relates to the production of synthetic hydrocarbons and more particularly to a process for hydrocarbon synthesis from CO2 and H2, derived from environmental matter, which produces methanol which may be upgraded to gasoline grade fuel."


We submit, that: Like the Carbon Dioxide recycling processes being developed, as we have documented, by the USDOE's Brookhaven, Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, so effective is the known technology for absorbing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere itself, that an installation based on such Carbon Dioxide collection technology could be sited anywhere that environmental energy, i.e., wind, solar or hydro, could be harnessed to power both the collection of Carbon Dioxide; and, the electrolysis of Water to form Hydrogen; and, the subsequent conversion, as herein, of both the Hydrogen and the Carbon Dioxide into Methanol, and, then, through Methanol, into Gasoline.

We further submit that such Methanol, as herein synthesized from Carbon Dioxide, can be utilized as the basic raw material for the manufacture of a variety of useful and valuable plastics, wherein the Carbon Dioxide consumed in it's synthesis would be securely and forever "sequestered".

We don't have to saddle our Coal-based power generators with power-sapping Carbon Dioxide collection equipment.

We don't have to saddle our Coal-use industries with punitive Cap & Trade taxes.

We don't have to saddle our Coal-use industries with the Oil industry subsidy of Geologic Sequestration.

And, we don't have to saddle consumers of Coal-based electricity with the higher bills that would result from any, or all, of that.

Carbon Dioxide, contrary to what we've all been told, is a valuable raw material resource.

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