The technology described herein by Exxon is more than a little complicated. But, a study of it confirms that they are utilizing, and thereby validating several Coal conversion procedures and reactions about which we have earlier reported, and which we have, from other sources, documented to be feasible and practical.
In essence, they are hydrogenating raw Coal with free Hydrogen to synthesize and extract hydrocarbon liquids and gases.
However, they are obtaining that Hydrogen, along with some supplemental Carbon Monoxide, from the Steam reforming of Methane, which itself is synthesized via the Steam gasification of the Char, or carbonaceous residue, left behind by the hydrogenation of the raw Coal.
Not only that, but, as Exxon notes, in confirmation of other reports we've submitted concerning similar and related technologies, some of the reactions in the total system are exothermic, and provide heat energy which can be used to drive other reactions, thus reducing, or eliminating, the need for an energy supply from external sources.
It is, genuinely, an integrated Coal conversion process. 
Additional comment follows excerpts from:
"United States Patent 4,292,048 - Integrated Coal Steam Gasification Process
Date: September, 1981
Inventor: Robert Wesselhoft, et. al., TX
Assignee: Exxon Research and Engineering Company, NJ
Abstract: Hydrocarbon liquids and a methane-containing gas are produced from carbonaceous feed solids by contacting the solids with a mixture of gases containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen in a devolatilization zone at a relatively low temperature in the presence of a carbon-alkali metal catalyst. The devolatilization zone effluent is treated to condense out hydrocarbon liquids and at least a portion of the remaining methane-rich gas is steam reformed to produce the carbon monoxide and hydrogen with which the carbonaceous feed solids are contacted in the devolatilization zone. The char produced in the devolatilization zone is reacted with steam in a gasification zone under gasification conditions in the presence of a carbon-alkali metal catalyst and the resultant raw product gas is treated to recover a methane-containing gas.
Claims: An integrated catalytic devolatilization and steam gasification process for the simultaneous production of hydrocarbon liquids and a methane-containing gas from carbonaceous feed solids (and)  wherein said carbonaceous feed solids comprise coal."
Again, the full Patent reveals in much more thorough detail how Exxon are, in fact, producing both hydrocarbon liquids and Methane from nothing but Coal and Steam.
Some of the Methane is recycled back into the system to assist in the hydrogenation of more raw Coal; but, we remind you, the Methane that is not recycled can be directly catalyzed and condensed into liquid fuels; or, it can be reacted, "tri-reformed", as per Penn State University, and others, all as we've documented, with imported Carbon Dioxide to recycle that supposed pollutant and synthesize even more hydrocarbons.
All the solutions are there. And, they all start with Coal.

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