We earlier documented and reported that, for some decades, Coal-based synthetic liquid fuel had been being blended into standard jet fuel produced from petroleum at, at least, South Africa's Johannesburg International Airport.
We also documented that, recently, international regulating bodies had approved South Africa Synthetic Oil Limited's 100% Coal-based jet fuel, and certified it for commercial use.
Herein, we see that such commercial use of that 100% Coal-based jet fuel has begun.
Brief comment follows excerpts from the above link to:
""Sasol Fuel Flies Into The Jet Age - Wholly Synthetic Fuel Has Low Emissions
September, 2010

The fuel, which is made from converting coal to liquid fuel, is the brainchild of local petrochemicals giant Sasol, and is the only fully synthetic jet fuel to receive the green light for use by commercial airliners.

Sasol's wholly synthetic jet fuel was approved by international aviation fuel authorities in 2008. The company pioneered synthetic jet fuel in the 1990s, and in 1998 it became the first in the world to gain approval for the commercial use of a 50% synthetic jet fuel component, which was blended with other petroleum products.

However, the company said it would not be making the fuel 100% commercially available yet. Sasol CEO Pat Davies was quoted as telling Engineering News that "Sasol is in the process of getting the technology in place to ensure that we are able to supply the markets with this synthetic jet fuel as it starts making more commercial sense.

"While this has been a long journey, the delivery of a viable alternative jet fuel solution that meets with the strict specifications of global aviation authorities is a proud acknowledgement of the enormous talent and expertise within the Sasol technology business.

"The approval by the international aviation fuel authorities of this product recognises the need to develop aviation fuel from feedstocks other than crude oil, in order to meet the world's growing needs," Davies said.

"Sasol's advances in synthetic fuel technology have brought us even closer to integrating viable alternative transportation fuel into the energy mix."

The engine emissions of Sasol's synthetic jet fuel are said to be lower than those from jet fuel from crude oil, due to its limited sulphur content.""


Note, that, in confirmation of other sources we have previously cited, not only is Coal-based jet fuel perfectly suitable as a direct replacement for petroleum-based products, it is, as in "engine emissions ... are said to be lower than those from jet fuel from crude oil", cleaner than petroleum jet fuel, as well.

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