United States Patent: 7763167


Here's a lump of Coal for your Christmas stocking.

Nearly a year ago, we alerted you to the fact that China had applied for, was seeking, a United States Patent on a direct Coal liquefaction process which we interpreted, based on our limited access to information, to be very similar to what we knew of WVU's "West Virginia Process'" for such direct Coal liquefaction.

In any case, China's application was successful; and, just months ago, our United States Government issued, as excerpted from the enclosed link:


"United States Patent 7,763,167 - Process for Direct Coal Liquefaction


Date: July, 2010


Inventors: Yuzhuo Zhang, et. al., China


Assignee: Shenua Coal Liquefaction Corporation, Beijing


Abstract: Process for direct coal liquefaction of coal, including: ... fractionating hydrogenation products into oil products and a hydrogen donor recycling solvent.


The process can operate long periods, with higher reactor efficiency and utilization factor, increased liquid oil yield and can supply high-quality feedstock for further processing.

Claims: A direct coal liquefaction process ... .

Background:  In 1927, the first direct coal liquefaction plant in the world was built in Leuna by a German fuel company (I.G. Farbenindustrie). During World War II, there were altogether 12 such kind of plants ... .

Summary: The objective of the invention is to provide a direct coal liquefaction process which can be operated steadily for a long period of time with high utilization rate of the reactor ... . Moreover, it is an objective to provide a process which can be operated under mild reaction conditions with maximum yield of liquid products which are of high qualities for further processing.

(The) conversion rate and oil yield of the invention is higher than that of the prior art. A lower organic residue yield and a better liquefaction effect can also be achieved."

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