Amoco & Fischer-Tropsch

A US - Illinois - oil company reporting on the conversion of coal into liquid fuels at a FRENCH conference.
And, again, pretty-darned nitty-gritty observations, not pie-in-the-sky speculation. This stuff is real, and the sooner we put this apparently-offensive bit of offal on the table, where we can all see it and figure out, together, how to make the most profitable use of it, the better.
You want we should track down some Amoco contact info for you? Have you touched bases with Eastman or Exxon-Mobil? Or, better yet, SASOL?
Joe the Miner
Unusual reactions on a cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalyst

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Amoco Chemical Co., res. development dep., Naperville IL 60563, ETATS-UNIS

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A cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, after 125 days of continuous synthesis, was found to have retained excessive amounts of synthesis products and was not pyroforic in air. Upon resuming synthesis, unusual reactions were observed for about 20 h. Carbon monoxide conversion was quantitative. The major product was methane, with a fairly flat distribution of paraffins and isoparaffins. Excessive end gas volumes and the presence of isoparaffins suggest that hydrocracking of the waxes deposited in the catalyst pores may have been the major reaction. Later, «normal» synthesis occurred. Catalyst activity measurements indicated a successful regeneration by the events